Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oregon ....finally

The rumors that somewhere there was a town named for Sandy DeHart are true. Not sure what state this is in but for sure there is a town.

Monica/Sajacawea insisted on building a snowman on Lolo Pass which is located on the border of Mt. and Idaho.

Pic taken right before Sassy threw and hit me (in foot) with a snowball. Note her right foot stuck in snow.

Drove a long ways today , started in Great Falls Mt. and ended 100 miles east of Portland Or. Tomorrow Astoria and prepping to get this show on the road. Saw lots of great country again today , everything from snow at high elevations to 102 temps in Lewiston/Clarkston area. Sure hope it cools a bit in near future or biking will be done at night.
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  1. I'd take Sassy with you on the trip for protection. Nothing's going to mess with you if you've got a cannon along for the ride.