Friday, May 22, 2009

The surprise sendoff party cake-newspaper!

Today I was "gotten" as badly as I have ever been by gotten in my life. All my buds at Tigereye Design surprised me with a send off party. It involved a bunch of food and a great cake along with a newspaper complete with headlines about the coming trip.
What a surprise and it was all I could do to keep something from getting in my eyes.
Actually at one point I got all emotional and said,"you know ,with all this love around here it is so tough to leave these great people, I may just stick around here for awhile."
No sooner had those words left my mouth when I was assured by everyone at once that I should stick to my original plan and leave as soon as possible.
So I am departing with mixed emotions--mostly good.
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  1. Good luck Tony and be safe!! Remember as you are out there... we are enjoying the finer things in life. Like cars and beds. Have fun!!

  2. I can't decide if the party was to wish you well or to wish you good riddance.