Friday, May 29, 2009

Driving Miss Sassy west

South Dakota humor.

Highlite of trip so far. LW was the man. I was humming the Champaign Bubble song for at least 200 miles.

New friend Hans from Germany who is riding L/K east to west. We met in N.D. and expect to meet down the road somewhere in Montana as I ride from the west.

Signs you do not see in Ohio.
As we continue on the road to Astoria we are constantly surprised at how great this country is--the sights we see and the people we meet are wonderful, and we have not even gotten to the mountains yet. The more country we see the more I want to get the bike on the road.
Monica continues to assume the persona of a Shoshoni Indian maid , she directs my driving with grunts and points .
The differences between our ideas of a decent motel room are manifesting themselves. I am getting into roughing it mode for ride and am happy if room has a toilet, bed, cable TV and a working remote--also needs to have a pizza delivery place near by. Monica, on the other hand, feels that shower curtain mold, non draining tubs, lack of toilet paper and soap is unacceptable. So far we have compromised and now (after the first night) she picks the motels.
I am still learning the nuances of posting with pics etc , I feel an epiphany is near and the job will become easier.
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  1. I have a feeling the most grueling part of this trek for you will be the task of posting pics.