Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back in the saddle again -2

Getting some good miles in the past couple of days and boy is it feeling good. Riding a recumbent really is like sex in that once you learn never forget, or something like that.

Rode the 14 miles from Greenville to Versailles and back--only felt a little tired and once again did not want to get off the bike. Saw some good friends in Vtown and also stopped at The Worch Memorial Library and got hassled by the librarians as per usual--these folks are tough--forget your library card one time and it is like you are guilty of a felony. Personally I think it is a little much when they post your picture on the scofflaw board , and the pic showed my bad side too.
On the way back I ran across one of those cool signs that seem to pop up during rides. Pure Americana.

Thinking real hard about finishing the ride to Wash. DC in 2-3 weeks. I need to be back in plenty of time for Russ/Elissa wedding on Halloween and I have been warned I need to be there in one piece--that is a lot of pressure.

I made the announcement of my desire to finish ride to Miss Sassy today and although there was a lot of silence she did not give me "the look" which is a good sign. Hopefully the big question will be where to start, as I see it there are 3 options
1-start from Greenville and duplicate the ride to Cambridge and beyond (10-11 days)
2-start from Cambridge and go from there(6-7 days)
3-start from the Allegheny Trail head in coraopolis Pa.(5-6 days)

I should be able to get 20-30 training miles in a day with some 50-60s worked in as legs get stronger. If I can do that for 2 weeks I think I can make that last 350 miles. I figure if I get 500 training miles in I can manage the A-Trail.

Spent 3 hours tonite setting up new 25 function bike computer/speedometer--it shows temp-altitude-and all the regular stuff and I probably will only really use 6-7 of these functions but it was on sale so like a sucker carp I bit. Actually I only spent the last 15 minutes setting up computer--the first 2.75 hours were spent trying to decifer the instruction booklet and just pressing buttons kinda randomly wich caused a lot of frustrated cursing until I actually read the instructions carefully and my brain light came on. I am glad I did not get the deluxe model with pedal cadence and heart rate capabilities. It could have been an all nighter.

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