Wednesday, September 2, 2009

National Road--Zane Grey Museum

Checking out this museum ws the best $7 I spent on the trip. In a way I wish I had started in the east and went west so that I could see the history of the USA develope. A lot of what I saw in the west and midwest either started here or the folks went thru here .

A section of this museum also is devoted to the pottery industry that developed in the area . At one time it was the world leader.
This is me standing beside one of those big vase things that were so abundant in Zanesville. That is me on the left.

The National Road was a big deal in Washington DC because it was needed to open up the Northwest Territory and then the Louisiana Purchase . It literally was the main road west and was very heavily used. The National Road started in Cumberland Md , which was the "west" began in the late 1700s.

It is interesting to see that there have ben 63 different license plates for Ohio automobiles.

This is the ceiling of the pottery area . This pattern became world famous and made zillion$ for the folks who came up with it.
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