Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bill Schuette

As mentioned before in this blog Bill Schuette is a long time friend from Versailles and has always been an inspiration to a lot of folks who have met him. He has had more than a little bit to do with me taking a shot at riding the length of the Mississippi River and cross country. Bill ,you are the definition of a good man, and again I thank you for what you have done for me.

But as I write this post I still have tears in my eyes after watching a segment shown on ABC Nightly News featuring Bill. If you want to feel good about something you will enjoy this--check it out

Bill has been fighting lung cancer for a long time (even though he has never smoked) and had pretty much run out of options until he saw a segment this past June on ABC about a revolutionary treatment for certain types of lung cancer. Bill made contact , started the treatment and immediately started feeling better. He is doing a whole bunch better and seeing him discuss his journey was huge. Kick some ass and take some names Bill--you are the good guy that good things happen to.

I was having a pretty good day today but that was nothing compared to how great I felt when I saw Bill on TV. Monica aka Miss Sassy and I hugged each other afterwards. We were so happy for Bill and Connie.

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