Friday, November 6, 2009


This Elissa shortly before she became part of our family. This is a wonderful gal--we are blessed.

This is the groom Russ (middle) , best man brother Jeff (right) and our on again/off again adopted third son Justin (left) who served as the marrier of Elissa and Russ. Of note is that this is the first ceremony I have attended where the guy who says "by the power vested in me ...." read his lines from a Blackberry phone screen. Another thing Justin did not do was ask that traditional question ,"if anyone here has reason that these 2 shall not be united in matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.....". This is good because several of Russ's cousins were ready to jump in a filibuster the proceedings with long lists of reasons.
It was a beautiful non traditional ceremony highlighted by the original vows repeated by E/R as well as the wonderful singing by our great friend Angie Pohlman who blew te roof off the place when she sang the song At Last better than Etta James. Another neat thing about the ceremony was that it was shorter than the cocktail hour immediately following, all in attendance showed their appreciation by imbiding like there was no tomorrow.

Elissa/Russ about 10 seconds into their new life together.

Jeff had the job of placing these 2 birds on top of the cake. This must have been a big deal for him because he asked meto help. I was in charge of the one on the right--we ndid a good job.
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