Sunday, August 30, 2009

Zanesville Ohio East

After a restful Friday evening in Zanesville I continued east on Rt. 40 with Wheeling WV. the goal for that day. It is approx. 60 miles from Wheeling to the beginning of the Allegheny Trail in Coraopolis Pa which is not far from Pittsburgh Pa. to the northwest. My thought was that the trip on Rt. 2 from Wheeling to Coraopolis would be easier on Sunday morning--less traffic.
The A-trail runs from Coroapolis to Cumberland Maryland via a new rails to trails route --and from Cumberland to Washington DC runs the C and O Canal route which is a crushed gravel path along the old canal route. There are no motor vehicles on this route and from what I understand it is a beautiful bike ride. Peaceful-historical--not hilly --everything a biker would ever want--and it dumps you nout very near downtown Washington DC. . I am getting psyched to ride that part of the trip sooner than later.

Besides crashing the bike ,I did not count on all the neat stuff to see between Zanesville and Wheeling on Rt.40. This is a wonderful route of about 60 miles and I look forward to exploring it further--hopefully on a bike but at least in a motor vehicle.

Not far from Z-ville I came to a very interesting place called Doc's Nurses Station . When I took this pic I was thinking that I would post it and write something in the blog about how it is always a concern of touring bikers where they will get medical treatment in the event of a mishap . I was thinking to myself "dang, it is a shame Doc's is not open yet today because I had a fever blister on my lower lip that has bothered me the entire trip and I bet that I could find some comfort from one of the "nurses" working there." I am trying to work the word "irony" into this post because I know it has to be applicable in some way but I can not come up with it right now.

Another uncommon sign along the way. I almost stopped to check out this fish hatchery but the road to it was gravel and I did not want to travel it.

This was of interest because it advertised a "dog & cat dude ranch". I have no idea what that might be but I had to wonder.

This sign intruiged me. I knew ZG was a local around here and was hoping to see some more markers about him. My wish came true a very short time later when I came across the really neat museum which included not only Zane Grey but the National Road and Ohio Pottery. Tht was a great stop.
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  1. Hooray!!! I'm so glad you got back on the bike! Congrats!!

  2. not exactly back on bike...yet--me and the bike need to repair some more before that is doable but things are getting better and getting back on the road is a distinct probability--for now what I am doing is writing instead of riding