Sunday, October 25, 2009

C & O Canal--Cumberland to Hancock Md

A short distance out of Cumberland heading east the canal path gets a little rougher and the remains of the canal are very evident. This section of the C & O seems to be less traveled than what I have seen so far There are long stretches of stagnant water with a lot of overgrown foliage --it is very quiet and beautiful. I stopped several times to just look at it all in detail and absorb the scenes. This is something you do not see every day of the week.

This type of pic may look kinda ugly but I found it fascinating.

I kept thinking of how this must have looked and sounded when the C & O canal was in its heyday. Horses, boats, people all making their own distinctive noises.

I climbed up on an abandoned bridge and took this pic facing west. The actual towpath runs on the southside of the canal.
From lo king at these pics one might get the impression that the canal ran relatively in a straight line, but that is not the case. It basically runs close to the course of the Potomac river as it meanders through the mountians towards Washington DC.
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