Monday, October 12, 2009


This kinda answered the question of why the name Confluence . I had wondered about thyat all day.
This explains why.

This is as good a pic as I could take showing the Confluence or Turkeyfoot which is a rarity when it comes to rivers. There are 3 different streams that meet here.
At the top of the pic there is a split going right and left. At the bottom fo the pic there are streams coming in from the right and left again. There is a third stream entering from the right as well but it is hard to see from this view.

About the same pic. I was also wondering if there are any salmon like fish who head up stream to spawn like they do out west because when they came to this spot it would be easy to make a wrong turn.

Alittle color. Although stuff like this was around all day it takes the sun to really bring out the color.. It was interesting in that in some places almost all the trees were still very green while in others it was 75% color.


Although it was only a 35 mile day it took a long time and I enjoyed every inch of it. Lots of stops and I should have stopped some more.This trail is gonna take awhile and it looks like time may become an issue and some decisions will be made tomorrow on what the rest of the trip will look like. It may have to be shortened .
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