Monday, October 12, 2009

Connellsville to Confluence 10

The trail goes thru the town of Ohiopyle which was having a fireman's buckwheat festival that I did not stop to check out.

This is a church in Ohiopyle where I imagine first time white water rafters go to pray either before or after their maiden voyages.

These were the friendliest dogs I have sen in a while. I understood the owner to say their names were Brian, Steve, and Joel which I thought a bit odd. Why would she do that to those neat dogs.

Finally the sun started shining on the path. There are so many trees around the trail that when there is no sunshine it is a lot less colorful.

Like that running water, especially the sound.
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  1. To Mike
    My long distance biking friend (who I have lost email address)
    If you are serious about biking the Allegheny trail oin one day I suggest reading in detail the info available on this website
    especially the chart at the top which let's you click on the different sections of the C&O part of the trail . It provides accurate info on the bike path itself and I have found this to be accurate so far.

    It is a rugged ride especially if you are in a hurrry and really especilly if you plan on attacking it at night.

    Good luck with whatever you decide