Sunday, October 18, 2009

Confluence Pa to Frostburg Md 6

This is rugged country for plants and especially trees. I came across this uprooted fallen tree and you can see how it grew around rocks it's entire life. I wonder if having loose rocks as part of its foundation makes it less unstable than other trees whose roots are dug into solid soil.

There are several tunnels in this part of world making travel on roads/rail/trails possible. When you step back and look at how these holes in the mountains were made and what the builders had to work with , it makes you appreciate what they did a lot more than just reading about it and looking a diagrams. And the builders of these tunnels had to doit over and over again with different situations to get these roads to destinatioins that would make the effort worthwhile

I really like the name "Big Savage Tunnel". It sounds like something out of a western novel. As I was standing there looking into it I could hear myself telling Dick Shomaker and Dave Richhart when I got back home "yeah, a lot of bikers are scared of tackling the big savage but I just stared at that big ugly hole until it blinked--spit on the ground and rode my ride right down its big ugly throat--you can not show fear to the big savage or else you won't be coming out the other end--many timid bicyclists have gone in there and were never heard from again--but not this cowboy!!"
And then I could vividly see the looks of awe on Dick/Dave's faces and they say, "cool" at the same time. Then they would both give me fist bumps and I would then continue telling my travel tale.
If you enlarge this pic you can see that the lowest light is the one at the end of the tunnel.

Visualize a full sized train engine steaming thru this. I wondered just how much room there would be left over for a pedestrian.
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