Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Notre Dame vs Washington 2

I saw so much photoworthy stuff it was tough to focus on them all (pun intended). This was something I noticed while standing in a 30 yard long line for the portapotties. I have not often seen a cigar that big let alone beside an equally large gold ring all on the outside of a batting gloved hand. BTW,the guy was only wearing the one glove.

This is one of the ND student leaders , leading cheers in the parking lot before the game . He was mesmorizing and I found myself drawn into his aura, getting into the spirit of the day, wanting to yell my lungs out for the Irish with him . As typically Notre Dame charismatic as this fellow was I wondered how much more charismatic he would be if he died his hair/head blue/gold/green etc. like so many others walking around that day.
It crossed my mind to bring this man back to our van to meet Jim Phelan et.al. and ask if we could borrow some of the face paint Jim always carries so we could decorate this student's hair, but on second thought I quickly dismissed the idea because I did not have an alternative ride back home after the game, as Jim is what could be called a traditionaist when it comes to social issue stuff like this.

A sort of snap shot of the day. Golden Dome, Stadium, parking lot flags with Budweiser right below a Fighting Irishman.

Another shot of the band. Their sound was tremendous. This pic shows about where our sets were , we got to see a 10 play goal line stand by the Irish right in front of us. It don't get much better.
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