Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Confluence Pa to Frostburg Md 3

This is a pic of a bridge near the Pinkerton Tunnel which is closed right now but is scheduled to be repaired in the near future so it will be bikable. Right now there is a detour around the tunnel that is beautiful but very rugged. You have to concentrate on the trail surface in front of you and not check out the scenery. The path is narrower than usual and there is a big drop off on one side .

The roof of the bicycle shop in Rockwood. Those wheels have spokes just like regular bicycle wheels. They are weather vanes and the wheels all spin .

Rockwood Pa. is one of those small towns that has benefitted greatly from having the trail run thru it.

I am not sure what this particular structure/bridge is called but it is spectaular. It stretches a long long distance over a river, a 4 lane highway, and a railroad plus a lot of other things. There is a lot happening in this scene including the big windmills on the horizon. It was fun to just stand there and look it all over.
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