Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cumberland Md.

In my opinion Cumberland Md is the highlight town on the GAP. This the bike path rolling into town between the railroad and a concrete river.
There is a lot of history here because for many years in USA early history Cumberland was considered on the edge of the great uncharted west. It was the where about every traveler heading west took off from.

A good pic looking from the bike path in Cumberland. The artwork was something that needed to be checked out carefully because there was so much being depicted. The cool thing about this spot is the homeless lady sitting under the awning. We started talking and I stayed for an hour. I did not get her name but she was one of the most interesting people I have spoken to the entire trip. She was like a tour guide for Cumberland and the surrounding area. Lot of details about early settlers as well a lot of the civil war history. She was very knowledgeable about the National Road that started here and ran into Ohio.

She told me about an trip she made to Ohio this past summer to a country music concert that was very interesting. We discussed various country music styles .I really wanted to stay longer but I knew Ned would be waiting for me at checkpoint down the road and because I knew there was no cell service I c oule not let him know not to wait on me. I will be driving this way again and I will be stopping at this spot hoping to see this gal again

There is a great fountain near downtown Cumberland that is worth checking out. Besides the visual pleasantness the sound it made was very cool. One of those spots that you just stop and absorb for awhile.

This is the entrance to a closed to vehicles section of downtown. This is very quaint area and a wonderfulplace to mosey along checking out the shops and the cool displays in the windows.
I have heard stories about a neat celebration that is held in this area every New Years Eve. Apparently there are great crowds, music and a ball drop ala New York City.
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