Monday, October 12, 2009

Connellsville to Confluence 2

This is a pic of the parking lot of the factory at the edge of Connellsville that makes colored glass. It seems like maybe a bad batch can be used as a gravel substitute.

This section of the trail runs along this river that I can not pronounce or spell and I probably will not be learning how in the near future.
It is beautiful and apparently has a bunch of fish in it as well.

This is what happens to a trail like this during a rain storm. This is the kind of stuff that will flip a rider if you are not focused. The folks that maintain this trail are heros in my book because you can see a lot of spots like these or where trees had fallen on trail etc. where there were fairly recent repairs so the crews must be out on the job a lot. I should add that there are very few spots like the one above that have not been fixed.

Just a great riding/walking pathway.
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