Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Confluence Pa to Frostburg Md 2

The sun showed up again today and boy does it make a difference. Almost everywhere along the trail there are trees on both sides and regularly they hang over forming a canopy which makes for a darker than normal atmosphere when riding. When the sun breaks thru it seems brighter than normal by comparison.

I found that the best way to take shots like this into the sun is to use my helmet as shade for the lense to stop glare.

This is Bill and Mike from Harrisburg , and they are real bikers. They get out almost every weekend and use most vacation time for rides. They did Ragbrai 2 years ago and have done a big trek thru the Rockies. We met other several times during the day as we leapfrogged each other . Had some extended conversations and I raelly enjoyed their company.
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