Friday, August 7, 2009

The 127 Garage Sale

Some may laugh at this deal but it is huge and I believe an under the radar stimulus package in its own way. This thing stretches from somewhere in Alabama to northern Ohio and from what I hear it continues on into Michigan along Rt. 127.

In our area it is hard to travel a half mile w/o seeing a sale of stuff or at least a sign directing you towards a sale, sometimes for locations 10 miles off the main route. The traffic is extremely heavy and somewhat dangerous to bike , even on the wide 127 berms becuse of the many cars pulling over and leaving the edge of the road.

This is one of the busier locations in the area. It is clled York Woods and is aa large field bordered by a lrge woods that is normally used by the Darke County Steam Threshers Assoc. for events. It is ideal for the garage sale because of off road parking and the shady woods. There are probably 50 different setups in the woods and browsing is fun.

If you can not find it in York Woods you probably already have one at home or do not need it in the first place.

This was tough to pass up. I wanted to touch every one of these critters.

This is Avery and a suit of armor that I believe was empty--there wss no response when I tapped on the helmet and said hello.
If you have not realized it yet or are blind Avery is the cutest kid you will ever see--and she is sharp as a tack. Her grandparents Charlie and Suzie have a near by stand and Avery was their chief helper.
btw-that is Avery on the left
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  1. US 127 Traffic Alerts should be issued for the "yard sale"...heading for the Tin Cups game in Fort Wayne on Thursday night, folks were parked half way onto the highway...making passing next to a 18 wheeler a bit of a challenge.