Thursday, August 6, 2009

Darke County USA

This will probably sound like an infomercial for Darke County and maybe it is . In the few days I have been back home I have been unable to stop roaming around talking to folks and basically touring the area, just like I have been doing the past 2 months. Dang, there is so much interesting stuff around here that I am rediscovering and appreciating . In my opinion Darke County during this time of year is as pretty as anywhere I have ever been. Riding around and looking at all of the many shades of green is a treat.
Although I am looking forward to hitting the road to Washington DC on Sunday and finishing the trip I am enjoying myself here as much as I have anywhere else. Getting into the mode that I have developed during the last 3300 miles to take time to check out my surroundings has carried over. I believe that anyone anywhere can experience this same feeling because I beliueve there is neat stuff all around us wherever we happen to be.

One of the annual highlights if The Great Darke County Fair and it really is Great for over 150 years. It is one the largest , if not the largest county fairs in te USA. There is something for everyone --it sort of sums up what is Darke County.
I should be back in time to see some or all of it.

I learned from the signs around town that STYX a big time music group that I can not name a song they have done but I know they are big time.

Also I am rooting for all 4 of those cute Bergman kids to kick serious butt in the lamb judgeing competion again this year.

This is a permanent booth located under the Fairground grandstands and it is usually one of my first stops when I hit the fair, the other is the elephnt ear stand. I am a sucker for warm elephant ear and shake up lemonaid. Fair food is as tasty as anything on earth.

This is the county courthouse at sunset with lady liberty doing her thing as per usual.

Another big landmark is Bear's Mill which is still a working water powered grinder of corn and wheat flour.
This pic looks sort of catawampus because I was trying to include that old truck . There are much better pics at their website
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