Saturday, August 8, 2009

Russia-Egypt-Palestine-Glen Karn

About 2 or 3 mile from Versailles(Oh) is the town of Russia(pronounced roo-she). This is a pic of the Russia skyline and it's new water tower --there is also an American flag for perspective. Although Russia is located in neighboring Shelby County it is almost like an extension of the Versailles community. There are a lot of close ties between families and businesses and a general feeling of good will between the towns--a big part of this good feeling can be attributed to the fact that Russia does not have a football team so Versailles residents do not have that natural rival barrier thing to deal with every Fall.
When Sarah Palin said "I can see Russia from my house" 2500 people in Versailles said," been there , done that"

This is the entire town of Egypt which is located Auglaize County which in a normal world would be an adjoining county to Darke County but because of some suspected skullduggery originating in Mercer County many years ago this is not the case and there is a tiny strip of land seperating Darke/Auglaize.

This is a pic of the community of Palestine which is located in southwestern Darke County. Have not heard the story behind the name but will ask my favorite local historian Wayne Nichols what the deal is and am confident I will hear the straight poop on the rest of the story.

Every time I ride thru this town I wonder about what the story is behind the name.
There are a bunch of small towns in the area with interesting names. It is fun speculating what the origins were.
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  1. From "The Palestine Book" by Steven J. Miller

    "Palestine, a hundredy years old last autumn, is a pretty town in the western section of Darke Co. So attractive were its surroundings that its fist settlers, charmed with its prairies and values that they considered akin to Paradise and deeming it a bit to sacreligious to name it 'heaven', came as near to that delectable land as possible in calling their new town Palestine." (1934 Miami Co. newspaper)

    "A beautiful view from the site of the new village was thought to have inspired the name." (1880 History of Darke County)

    "The name was chosen as a memorial to he Holy Land, because of its beautiful location and view." ("Greenville Advocate" fiftieth anniversary edition, 1933)

    "The Palestine Book" is well worth taking a look at. It also includes information about many other communities around the area, many of which Tony has mentioned. There were several small towns in the area that don't exist any more. There are many pictures in the book to go along with the history.

  2. Glen Karn, from "The Palestine Book" This still industrious village got its name in honor of Henry Karn. More details are in the book.

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