Monday, August 3, 2009

Annie Oakley 3

This is an informational marker located near North Star Ohio, which a few miles is almost directly north of Brock.

This is the informational plaque located at the site above. To me this is the most interesting of all the plaques in the area.

This is a view of the exciting skyline of North Star ,Ohio looking from the South (if that makes sense). There is a lot going on in this pic besides the main drag in the distance and the NS corporation sign.
There is also a sign about Craig Stammen a good local kid from a great family who has made the big leagues this season and made everyone in the area proud. Craig pitches for the Washington Nationals(see flag next to American flag).
These signs are located next to The North Star Implement company (owned by the Stammen family) which has been a leading agribusiness supplier for over 50 years . Also in the distance is a sign for north Star Blue Flame another long time local landmark business.
The town of North Star has also been a consistent source of top shelf student athletes and all around good looking morally straight young people to the Versailles School District for many years.

Not too far away from North Star is the town of Willowdell which also has a claim to Annie Oakley. I am a bit fuzzy on details but she may have been born there or the family lived there for awhile.

Willowdell is also the home of several well known local families including the Borchers, Schellhases, Gehrets, and Shardos among others. Some of the best high school basketballers in the history of Versailles High School hailed from Willowdell . It may be a coincidence but almost all these hoopsters from Willowdell were sharpshooters on the court--just as Annie was called "Miss Sure Shot". Personally I believe there is a connection but it is very tough to find anyone who will discuss it openly.

A John Deere Implement dealer , Willowdell Sales , was a local institution for many years. The old Willowdell school, which when closed became a prominent area go cart track for several years as well. The distinctive skyline of Willowdell makes it a popular tourist destination.

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