Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Worch Memorial Library

I have mentioned Worch Memorial Library in Versailles several times on this trip. Now everyone can see why I think this place is the best. Everything from the parking lot to the building to the ladies who work there exudes class.
This is me with the crack(sharp) library staff . Betty, Barb, Christina, Deb, and Pat have set an ultra high standard for customer service. Their motto is "you can find it at the library" and they take it very seriously. It is a rare person who leaves WML not feeling smarter than when they entered. These ladies all have matching tattoos that say "tough but fair" and that is exactly the way they run their book ship. Anyone who gets within 100 miles of Versailles owes it to themselves to experience the Worch Memorial Library.
That is me with the best tan in the pic.

A cool statue near the main entrance.

There is an excellent park like area directly west of the library with a very nice fountain.

This is another view of the library's fountain. In the background is the brand spanking new Versailles grade/middle/high school which is scheduled for completion within the year. This new school is a huge deal in Versailles and many area people are looking forward to getting it on line.


I am enjoying my time in my home area but looking forward to getting back on the road Sunday or Monday at the latest. I have ridden around the county every day taking pics of the type of stuff I would find interesting along my route in other parts of the country.
I am looking at many things I have always taken for granted in a different light since I started this ride.
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  1. Tony - Some day after the trip I need to take you on a walk through New Bremen. I walk or bike through town often and there are just so many neat little things that I never knew were there the first 25 years of my life. Plus the Bicycle Museum of America is there and I bet Ms Thompson would love to hear about your trek. Everytime I read your blog, it reminds me to slow down a bit and take a look around. Quirkiness is all around us!

  2. Wing--it is funny that you should write about this now because I am having a hell of a good time exploring Darke county during this break in the action and every day I find stuff that I somehow missed or did not pay much attention to before.. These are the same type of things that I stop and check out and take pics of and write about when on the road.
    I am starting to believe that there is cool stuff everywhere if you take the time to look for it--actually you do not even have to look for it--many times it comes to you.
    Just this evening I was in Versailles at Heritage Park and for the first time took a close look at the wonderful arch that is at the entrance(since 1984)--It is fascinating and I will go back when more time to really look it over. It is a history is a nut shell of the town and its people--I kinda knew it was there was there but it was done when I lived out of town and never looked closely at it.
    To me it is as good of thing as I have seen so far anywhere .
    and I Imagine that every community has something similar--I cn not wait to go find it.