Thursday, August 6, 2009

Darke County USA 2

Traveling due east from North Star you come across a place called Teacup cemetary which is all that is left from what was what you could call a very small (teacup sized) community that had a store a few houses amd maybe a church , which would explain the cemetary.

Near Teacup is the village of Yorkshire , one of many small towns in Darke County. As you can see by its distinctive skyline Yorkshire is a happenin place. Several famous people are from Yorkshire but as I write this I can not recall any names but I will add when they come to me.

Yorkshire is the base of opporations for The Goat Farmers organization. They have a nice meeting hall and several fund raisers for local people and projects are held there every year. Thie fish dinners during Lent are big time.
When you google Goat Farmers, Yorkshire you get the location of a pay phone

Not too far down the road I came across a field of goats and I had to wonder if there is a connection to the Goat Farmers in Yorkshire.
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