Thursday, August 6, 2009

North Star Ohio

Yesterday I was in North Star and like the majority of most other folks who see North Star I was passing thru because NS is on the way to a lot of other places. I stopped in at the Ice Cream Parlor for a chocolate yogurt cone. It was an interesting stop.

Alice, the friendly owner waited on me and even though it was the first time we had met we had a nice chat about mutual friends. Things got interesting when I ordered a medium chocolate yogurt cone. Alice tells me she does not have that flavor of yogurt available but she does have 44 other flavors along with the 24 flavors of soft serve ice cream. I was instantly intrigued and asked Alice about why no chocolate the second most popular flavor next to vanilla. Although she explained it was about the yogurt machine configuration I am still a bit fuzzy about the whole no chocolate deal and made a mental note to return to the Ice Cream Parlor and investigate this phenomena further. No matter how many trips it takes.

I looked at the list of 44 yogurt flavors and selected German Chocolate which was excellent. As I drove away I was mentally calculating how many more trips I would have to take to other places where my route would take me thru North Star so that I can check out the remaining 67 flavors available (43 yogurts + 24 soft serve) .

This house is located directly accross the road from the Ice Cream Parlor in North Star. I took this pic because I believe this house is the boyhood home of Chad Groff and if I am mistaken about this particular house I know it is located very near the boyhood home of Chad Groff.
Chad is one of those guys who is not well known in general yet, but most of the people who do know him feel that he will be famous for something at some point in the future. Chad has "IT" and it is just a matter of time before "IT" manifests itself and a statue and/or plaque will be erected in front of this house (or one located very near by) commemorating whatever Chad becomes famous for..

One of the things happening in Darke County this week is the big Route 127 Garage Sale which bills itself as the longest garage sale in the world . It stretches from somehwere in Alabama to upper Michigan along route 127 which runs smack thru Darke County and North Star.
It appears that almost every available free space along 127 has tables set up with stuff for sale. In addition there are many garage sales located in the vicinity of the main route. I will be checking a stretch of this big sale out this evening and tomorrow. Although I have no idea what I will be looking for and I can not think of anything that I really need I know that I will instantly recognize whatever it is when I see it. I am taking an empty bike trailer and expect to fill it up --maybe more than once.

This is a pic of a group of very cute kids at the corner of Rt. 127 and North Star-Ft. Loramie Rd. They did not know anything about the sale advertised on this sign but they were eager to check out the traffic going thru town during the next few days.
This is Kim, Brittany, Marcus,Brian,Andrew, and Kristin and I can honestly say that this was one of those times when the camera did not capture the true cuteness of these kids.
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