Friday, August 28, 2009

Bike Buds

The Maconline songsters Chris-Beth-Tom-Danielle-Veronica-Sherrie, Rodney and me (I am on the left). They are the best.

2 nights ago I was sitting in our living room in my comfy chair half watching tv , bored out of my mind when I heard some noise coming from the street in front of my house. I did not pay much attention to it at first , thinking it was just the neighbors walking by. Then I listened a little closer and what I heard sounded like the the sounds made by Christmas carolers--somebody or sombodies were singing and it sounded a lot like that old song A Bicycle Built For Two--you know the one "daisy daisy give me your answer true.......".

At first I thought I was hallucinating and that all those pills I have been taking finally got to me. Maybe it actually was December and I had missed 3-4 months somehow--or maybe my short term memory loss was expaanding to medium term . After double checking the date on that days newspaper I shrugged it off and figured if I ignored it, it would go away--did not even get up out of my chair to look out the window. After awhile the sounds stopped and I got even more comfortable in my chair.
Then , I hear sounds again--this time much louder and again it sounded like Christmas carolers. I am thinking to myself "what the hell--that damned neighbor is playing his stereo loud again". But then I recognized the song and damned if it wasn't Bicycle Race by Queen
and it sounded pretty good. I am thinking "maybe my neighbor has upgraded his play list from Hank Williams ."
I turned down the TV and just sat there enjoying this seranade until it ended, thinking that was it for the night. Then after a few minutes I hear more Christmas carol style singing , only louder--it was coming from my front porch. This time the song was BIKE by Pink Floyd

Now this got me excited and I slowly got out of the chair and looked out the front door. Boy was I surprised to see this odd looking group of folks standing on my steps singing their lungs out. I did not recognize them at first and hollred at Miss Sassy to bring some cookies and hot apple cider to reward these entertainers.
When Miss Sassy hollered back at me asking me if I were nuts I took a closer look at this song crew and then started laughing. Hell, these were my buds from and they had come to see how I was doing. What a surprise. A genuine sight for sore eye.
Well even though we did not have any hot cider or booze of anykind in the house (which I could tell greatly disapointed all but 2 of these people) they came in and we had a great visit. I was filled in on all the local dirt that I had been missing. It was a great time had by all.

Then they left the same way they had arrived , singing a song MIDNIGHT BICYCLE MYSTERY by Deerhoof , which brought a tear to my eye(the good one that had not been watering all evening like the banged up one).

You know before Wed night I had been sitting around feeling sore and sorry for myself for 10 days but after my Macster buds left I felt like a new man. It is time to get over this bullshit and start feeling good again. I may not be able to ride right now but it is time to start blogging again, and I got some great pics from that last day's ride which I will be posting in the near future.
I even looked at a map for the first time and checked out a possible new long ride to start dreaming about--Greenville-Memphis--New Orleans-Tampa-Key West,(all in the late Fall -winter time) after finishing the rest of the cross country deal to Washington DC of course.
Thank you a bunch maconline songsters--you raised me up.

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  1. It was great seeing you. It was good to see you in good spirits and it's good to hear you're spirits are even higher now. Those MOL girls will have that effect on a man!