Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Greenville Oh to Fairborn OH

This is an interesting road sign near where Darke-Preble-Montgomery counties come together. I did not see a Number Eight or a Number Ten road in the area.

While riding thru Brookville I spotted this excellent use of grey stones and red cedar mulch.

This a pic of the 4th -5th-6th or maybe even 7th place finishing trivia team ( it was unclear where we ended up except that only the top 3 teams were recognized) at Cadillac Jack's Bar/Grill in Beaver creek. I am on the right.
Alex (who like many Brazilian soccer stars only has one name), Cameron Goubeaux (of the Russia Goubeauxs), son Jeff and I took on the world in bar trivia last night. Our team name originally was El Studientos , but after much prematch debate it was voted (3-1) to be the That Dirty Yeti Eddy team. Our mission was to taake down that the reigning trivia champs the Inglorious Rat Bastards who were finally caught using their Blackberrys to google answers and penalized --all for a $5 rebate on their bar bill--personally for anyone that low down to cheat at bar trivia I think they should haave been called the Inglorious Rat Bastard Sons of Bitches ande had their Blackberries taken away.

The way this all happened is that as I was making my way to Dayton I called Jeff to let him now where I was (by Trotwood) , I would be arriving about 6:30 and that I was looking forward to spending some quality son/dad bonding time with him. That is when he said "well dad you know it is Tuesday Night and that means trivia night with me and some of my college buds, and it starts at 7". After a pregnant pause Jeff says "Hey why don't you join us--we have a really good team but every week we get beat up by questions about old ships and Shakepearean literature." " We can use you"
Well I can tell you I was excited because for the longest time I had thought that all the knowledge I had gained by being the first mate on a frigate boat in 16th century England would never be used and just go to waste. Here was a chance to show my stuff--be a hero to my son and dazzle his friends. I was so in.
I tried to review all I knew about these 2 subjects as I rode and took on the more immediate job of figureing out how to navigate a bikable route through all greater Dayton(west to east) during the 3-6 rush hour. I learned there are no direct routes though this urban paradise and that Wright Pat Air Force Base is like Mount Everest because it is very large and very impossible to get thru and very much directly in the way, unless you have high secret clearance to see what really is in Hanger 18 on the base, which I did not.
I really think I came closer to more cars in a 3 hour period yesterday than I have the entire trip so far. I called Miss Sassy after I made it thru and gave her instructions to go the closest ACE Hardware store and purchase the largest pipe wrench they sell, to keep it handy and the next time I say I am going to try to cross Dayton on a bike at rush hour she is to beat with that wrench until I am senseless.

Anyway I finally made it in under the wire and we were ready for some trivia--I am thinking Pequad(the Moby Dick boat), The Argus(Jason and the Argonats), Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, Mayflower, The Golded Hind, The Minnow (Gilligans Island), The Orca (Jaws), The LUV Boat............. I was primed--bring it on. "To Be or Not To be"(Shakes )

I had been assured by Jeff and his "scholar" buds that I would fill the only hole they had and would raise them from a medicore trivia team to the next level. They kept telling me how hip they are on TV shows, Movies, Music, etc etc.
Well I came away with mixed feelings about the type of education given out by Wright State U , these guy's alma mater (actually Alex is a prof there) .
There are 5 rounds of questions of 10 each and some of the questions have multiple parts like list in sequence 5 movies as to when they were filmed etc.

We won round 1 by getting 14 out of a possible 15 points (which earned us $5) but I couldsmell something burning and it was us . I had to come up with Tony Stewart's car #(20) , The greatest football player ever for the U of Illinois and the Chicago Bears (RedGrange) and who discovered the Mississippi River (Hernando DeSoto). I was carrying these guys on my back--I felt like a Clydesdale horse in need of aa saddle blanket--these guys had some huge holes in their game and there was not 1 Shakes. Lit or boat question.

Some things happened that only confirmed my suspicions about our team--there was a question about how many teeth does a normaal adult have and there was a delay in answering while Cameron opened his mouth and Alex and Jeff carefully counted his his upper and lower teeth l (and then almost forgot to add their numbers together for a total). Also there were a possible 12 points in tehe 5 rounds that were song related--we only got 2 points out of that mess because I hppened to know "Spirit In The Sky" by Norman Greenbaum. And as God as my witness not one of these gys had a clue that Clint Eastwood starred in the movie Pale Rider--what the hell do these guys do in their spare time???

As It turned out we peaked in round 1 and the songs killed us--we would have been overall champs (and winners of $15) if we could have just gotten 8 points out of the song stuff. Damn!!! Damn!!! Damn!!!

But the wings were great and I rehydraated myself from my sweaty ride across Dayton --actually I may have overrehydrated myself a bit. Slept5 very well thank you.

It was a 70 mile day and I am ready to head for Columbus which is about the same distance. We will see how things go with other son Russ in Columbus.
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  1. Hi Tony! I started reading your postings randomly so I don't get too jealous but this weekend, I'll start at the very beginning. Be safe!