Thursday, August 13, 2009

Columbus Ohio

My intentions today were to cruise Columbus for awhile and then head east on Rt.40 but I just could not stop cruising until about 6 this afternoon. I ended up putting 45 miles on the bike and saw a lot of neat stuff. I visited some old friends and made some new ones. So I will be staying at Stella's for another night and will be heading out as early as possible in morning.

This is the state capitol and William McKinley and my bike. My bike is in the foreground and has the American Flag on it.

Although this guy would not give me his name--actually he could not hear me talking because he was listening to some heavy loud music with earbuds ,really groovin. Besides wearing some devine vines(threads) this man could dance like Michael Jackson , although he was wearing 2 while gloves instead of one. He had a bunch of ladies cheering his every move right there on the side walk in front of the state capitol.

In my heart I know that I found another of the lost souls from Flaming Blues's band--the one where the members "were killed in a hurricane back east somewhere in 1960 or somewhere around then" according to F.B. himself who is still in Walla Walla singing songs about that disaster.

I have read a lot about this man and one day will take the time to visit this place and read more details about not only the man but the Underground Railroad.

This is son Russ, his fiance Elissa and me (I am on the right) after eating a great dinner of authentic (as opposed to fake) Mexican food. A good time was had by all and I look forward to spending more time with them in a couple of weeks.
Now if Stella will jet me get some shuteye it should be a fairly early departure in the morning --heading east.
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