Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Darke County towns

Who knew that a national "first" happened right here in Darke County.

This is downtown Hollansburg with the fire department building on the lower right. What I found interesting is the apparatus that holds the stop sign in place. There must have been a shortage of sign posts at one time.

The Hollansburh Fire Dept are my buds in that every time I ride my bike thru the town I stop and get cold bottled water from them and they refuse to take any payment. These are some good folks.

Whatever this is it is located near Palestine and the old American Aggragates pit. At first I thought it was one of those rural quirky works of art I like so much but when I looked closer it seems to be a piece of legit equipment of some sort. Maybe something that was powered by a horse walking in a circle?
The name plate said something about a Bluegrass company name and being made in Kentucky--so maybe there is a horse connection.

Arcanum is the third or 4th largest town in Darke County (pop.2000+) and is a place I do not know a lot about. I know the name itself is Latin for "A secret Place" which would explain a lot. I also have heard that the guy who founded the place wanted it to have a unique name and it seems like he did a good job of that. A very reliable source (from Arcanum) told me that Arcanum is the only town in the USA named Arcanum and that it was once the answer to a question on Jeopardy. That's about all I know about Arcanum.
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