Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On The Road Again Greenville to Fairborn Ohio

After several fits and starts I finally got the bike and trailer on the blacktop heading east and southeast towards Fairborn which is where son Jeff lives (when not in Greenville eating all the good food and monopolizing the TV while sitting in my favorite chair). The plan is to spend the night there and then ride to Columbus where other son Russ lives (when not in Greenville eating all the good food and monopolizing the TV while sitting in my favorite chair).
In my world having 2 kids live a days aride aprt directly on line with the route I am taking across country is what I call great "family planning" or as close to family planning as our family ever gets.

I did not have a finite route laid out because I am fairly famial with this part of the country which means I was confident that I could not get too lost for too long of time. I figured I would mosey the back roads in the general direction of Fairborn and figure out a way to get thru Dayton when I got there. I had not big time limit except that Jeff wanted me at his apartment by 6:30 so we could go to a bar called Caddillac Jacks and play trivia for cash--I will provide details of how that that deal worked out in near future.

I made my way to Arcanum (which is latin for Secret Place) thinking maybe I would learn some more about the town as I rode thru. That did not work out, after making my way thru Arcanum north to south I can honestly say I do not know anymore about it that I did 2 days ago.
I knew there was a town called Ithaca near the Darke/Preble county line which has always intrigued me because it hs the same name as the anciet Greek city which many believe was the home of Odessyus the sailor the author Homer made famous in the poem The Illiad.
I had not been to Ithaca before but knew it was directly south of Arcanum and figured I would run into it sooner or later..

I was getting a little concerned when I came to the above marked cross road and there was no town there even though it seemed like there shouldbe judgeing from the road signs. I kept going osuth and about a mile later found my town.


What impressed me most about Ithaca was the size of the lettering on the sign at the edge of town. Even Mr. Magoo could find this place.

Near Ithaca is the town of Verona and this is the most interesting building I saw there. It is the Post Office.
It was at the edge of Verona as I was leaving town that I came across something really neat.
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