Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Versailles Ohio USA revised

The village of Versailles is the crown jewel in the treasure chest known as Darke County. The motto People Pride Progress says it all.

There are several landmarks in Versailles but in my mind one the best and most representative is the Sweetshop with the American flag out front. It could be argued that this is the heartbeat of the community. Many important decisions on all sorts of topics have been made at the counter and in the booths of this legendary establishment. I know for a fact that many many love affairs have either started or ended over cherry cokes in Brown's Sweetshop.The Brown family haave been baking the best rolls and bread here for well over 50 years--actually it could be close to 100--I only remember the last 50.The Sweetshop is where many small town rumors originate before they become facts at either the barbershop or the hairdressers.If you have any questions about anything or need information regarding what is happening in the Versailles area, Darke County, the state of Ohio, the USA or the rest of the world the Sweetshop is the place to go for answers. The regular clientelle are well versed on about any subject you can think of and are very willing to share their views as well as provide solutions to issues that any visitor asks them about

The town square is a one of the nicest in the area, definitely worth checking out when in town.

On Friday nights during the summer musical groups entertain the community. This past Friday The Grandmas and The Grandpas(The old Gehret band from Willowdell) were the featured act and a good time was had by all.

It was brought to my attention that I neglected to include the above photos in this particular blog about Versailles . Hopefully this corrects the situation which I would like to blame on someone else but am not able to honestly do that.
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