Sunday, August 9, 2009

Versailles Ohio USA 3

The is a pretty scene at a pond on Woodland Drive in Versailles.

At Heritage Park Versailles has its own version of the Arc de Triomphe like the one in Paris--this is a real French Connection.
Although I have walked/run/biked by this thing for years I have never taken the time to look at it closely. When I did recently I was amazed at the historical info it contains. It has a bunch of cermic squares that contain info on many of the families in the area. This was erected in 1984 and I was not living in the area then, so I was not familiar with the fact that anyone could make their own square and have it included . As I understand it The father and son team of Jack/Dave Richhart did the work. Both are considered master craftmen and about the best free entertainment around if you ever had the opportunity saw them working together and verbally interacting(yelling) at each other.
That is me in the middle wearing the red shirt, tan shorts, white sox and gray shoes.

This is a closer look at some of the ceramic squares with Miss Sassy peeking around the corner.

This is me and the plaque that is mounted on the corner of the Eagles building in Versailles. I am on the left.
It is the story of a very smart cow in Versailles history. I remember hearing this story before I even went to grade school (there was no kindergarten back then). I also remember asking my dad "what ever happened to that cow?" and all he said was "Hamburger". Maybe that is when I first realized Versailles was a tough town.
Anyway in a lot of places a cow that smart would be buried with a monument of some sort , hell even an elephant named Norma Jean got a monument in Oquaka Illinois and all she did was get struck by lightning when chained to a tree.
Obviously this was not even considered in Versailles for the cow, but I do wonder what the town would have done if an elephant had been killed by lightning in Versailles. I will ask this question of the regulars the next time I am in the Sweetshop before 8 in the morning. They will know and as I write this I will not be surprised if the answer is "hamburger".
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