Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Ohio State University

While riding around German Village I came across this interesting marker.

Later in the day I found this marker near 17th and High Streets.

I moseyed over to the football field and was surprised that all the gaates were open and I could ride in. I actually rode a ramp right down to field level and was standing there next to the end zone thinking the unthinkable. Wheeling my bike out into the middle of the block O on the 50 yard line and taaking a picture. This thought died a few seconds later when a security guard said "no bikes in here--you have to take it outside--now". So I did but then I walked back in to just look around and maybe take a couple of pics. They were testing the scoreboard by running through all the numbers in all the spaces and I thought this would make for a good shot.

When I did not see anyone else around I walked to the block O , laid my helmet in the middle and went into the stands and took a shot. Nobody said anything.
As I was leaving the area I ran into a guy I played softball with many years ago who had played football for the Bucks. He let me know it was media day later on which is where all the official pics are taken and family/friends could intermingle with team as well. I did not stay around for that but later in the day did see Terrell Pryor the OSU QB and he is indeed a physical specimen. Taller and thicker that he appears on TV. He has been picked in preseason to be the Big 10 offensive player of the year and I believe that is entirely possible . I also believe that if T.P. is the O poy then OSU will be in national championship hunt because that will mean the defense will not have to win games --they can just play their asses off nasty with a lot less presssure than last year because the O will be putting up some serious points.

Now on a related note, if Notre dame can get it's running game back to averaging 5+ yards a carry it could also make them a contender and it could be a ND-OSU championship game but that is a lot of "ifs".
The field surface seems aalmost too nice to play on.
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  1. Question is Tony...Can the "Vest" and the "Messiah"{Pryor} together win a big game? I still have my doubts.

  2. Well I am pretty sure that combo will win some games--as for a "big" game , I think the odds are better than last year.
    As for the really "big" game Sept. 19 in Cleveland against the Toledo Rockets--I have to go with the Rockets.