Friday, August 7, 2009

Route 127 Garage Sale 2

There was some serious transacting going on all over the place. When you multiply that by 700 miles and the many stands per mile the amount of cash changeing hands had to make the IRS happy.

I recognized several of these horns as ones I saw in Montana and other Western states. I should have loaded up when I was out there and probably could have paid for my trip.

While roaming around the area I came across a very non talkative parrot named Kinky Friedman. Kink either had a very limited vocabulary or did not give a hoot (so to speak) to chat with me. I was wondering why a blue parrot was in York Woods and the guy with the Kink was even less talkative than the bird.

This is the vehicle that Kink and his human buddy were traveling. I did learn that they are on their way to Texas to help Kinky Friedman(the real human) run for governor of Texas--again. When I heard that I mentioned to Kinky (the parrot's human) that I knew a great local company called Tigereye Design that is very good at producing political paaraphenalia and maybe he should hook up with them. Information was exchanged and hopefully the KF camp and the folks at Tigereye will get together.

If anyone is interested in contributing to the Kinky Friedman 2010 campaign here is the info
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