Thursday, August 6, 2009

Worch Memorial Library 2

This is the front of the of the library and the very interesting neat iron rack which subtlety informs approching bicyclists that it stands there to serve them.

This is Worch staffer and ace book restocker Elaine and me (I am on the right) doing the secret Worch fist bump in front of a nice map of the USA which shows my progress as I bike across it. There is a small picture of me on the bike that is moved across the map as I travel eastward. When I learned about this map I was very flattered and felt honored that something like this would be displayed in such a classy place. Normally my name and picture are crudely drawn on the walls of much less nicer public venues.
BTW, it is common knowledge in the libray world that Elaine is the fastest most efficient book restocker in Darke County . She is quietly referred to as A.J. by her co-workers , as in A.J. Foyt the 4 time winner of the Indy 500. Elaine even has a customized book cart that she regularly uses when she is doing the restocking part of her job.
Btw--only select library patrons are deemed worthy enough to do the Worch fist bump. You have to have done something special benefitting the library to be included. My high standing is a result of the multiple fines I have paid for over due and lost books. In my heart I just know I have paid for that fountain next door and probbly Elaine's customized book cart as well.
I guess this is sort of llike getting comped in Las Vegas after you lose enough to be considered a profit center for the casino. I am a profit center for Worch Memorial Library--ergo I have gained fist bump status.

This is another view of the beautiful garden area adjoining the library. The fountain and gazebo are just like the library staff in that they are very attractive, peaceful, classy and colorful, which is why Worch Memorial is a center of Versailles community activity.
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