Saturday, August 1, 2009

St. Henry-Rossburg

I had to stop in the town of St. Henry for food at the ultra famous St. Henry Dairy Dream (I forgot to get a pic) where for $3.80 I got a nice sized bacon cheese burger--french fries and a chocolate shake. This is food of the gods.
Speaking of gods while I was waiting on food rode down the street to an equally famous landmark the St. Henry Catholic church. Although I have been familiar with it for many years I had never taken a pic of it, so I parked bike in front for size perspective and as you can see that speaking in the vernacular this is a hec of a big church.

The small town of Rossburg has its own famous natives.

This is the most happening camp grounds I have seen in America. It is one half mile west of downtown Rossburg and worth the trip to check it out no matter where you start from.
When you get there ask for Bill, he will shake your hand,hand you a beer, wash your car and cut your hair --then become your newest best friend.

I saw this for the first time in front of the Rossburg fire station. I do not know the story behind it but will learn it in the near future.

I will be in the Darke County area for the next week and will continue blogging about local stuff that I would have thought interesting if I had seen/experienced it while on the road.
Once again I marvel at how different the world appears at 12 miles per hour and how it changes your perspective of things around you. I am realizing that there just as many cool things where I call home as where I traveled from or where I am traveling to.
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  1. Welcome back to Darke County! Just so you know, I've contacted your neighbors who own the woods and told them to keep an eye out just in case you get an urge to use their place instead of the correct facility and Monica isn't home to stop you.

  2. Hey, Big Toe - you is one peddlin' mother. Schell forwarded your blog site a while back and told me what you were up to. I've been tied up most of July and didn't have time to take a look, but today had some spare time. What a great trip - pretty pics, masteful monologs, and just a fun adventure to marvel at. I could hardly believe you made it to Ohio so damn fast and still had time for ribs, wresting, and buffalo. Perhaps we'll get together one of these days. If not before, at least at the next '67 reunion. Or if I get back to Versailles one of these days, I'll look you up. So now, you can take a rest. I see that Tigereye is in good hands under Monica with Russ as Graphics Director. I still have a few of those OJ buttons - "Free the Juice". Maybe you should revitalize that line - could sell a ton in Las Vegas! How about Give 'Em Health Hillary? Now it's Give 'Em Health Barry. That's enough for now. Take care, take it easy, and shoot me an email if you get a chance: Later dude.......... Jack

  3. My Bad - I realize that you ain't stoppin' in Versailles. You are headed for the Coast. Hmm, will be some hills from here on out. Good luck and have fun. I'll be looking for more pretty pics and masterful monologs. --JE

  4. Betty--rough times in Darke county--have been busted twice already for answering nature's call in non traditional venues--I am working hard to conform but it seems that things go so much easier when on the road (so to speak)

  5. Jack--good to hear from you and thanks for reading an old man's musings
    yes I am stopping in Versailles area (now live in Greenville)for about a week before taking on the eastern portion of this trek--different challenge than the western section

    will try hard to make next reunion and when you get into this area a again please let me know

  6. You live in Greenville now? Well, its a good thing I didn't knock on your former home's door the last time I was in town.