Saturday, August 1, 2009

Decatur Indiana to Greenville ohio

Whenever I have the opportunity I really get into cruising the back streets of any town I happen to be in. Almost every time I will come across some little gems that are just too interesting not to stop and check out.
This was exactly the case while wandering around Decatur yesterday. This was in a front yard and while I am not sure exactly what it was or the purpose there it was.

Not being an archer I did not quite understand this message but I am sure it caries a significant message to those in the know.

Finally made it to Ohio and crossed the border at Willshire(see water tower).

Rode about 75 miles yesterday and as per usual loved every mile. This is my home turf and it was good to see it again.
The plan is to stick around home for a bout a week before heading est again towards Washington DC to finish the ride.
There are some things scheduled to happen when I am in the area that promise to be entertaining. Besides catching up with family and friends a bit there is Russ's cousins only bachelor party the the farm which should be interesting as well as a family reunion in St. Marys.

I also have to see Matt the barber in Versailles and see if he will still cut my hair.
Another thing I will have to adjust to is that when there being a conventional bathroom available when the need arises I should probbly use it. No more woods or cornfields for a while, and bridges are out of the question, although our back yard looks so inviting/tempting every time is look at out the patio door.
Miss Sassy obviously has her work cut out for her this next week --as she says it is kinda like potty training the boys all over again.
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