Thursday, August 6, 2009

More North Star Ohio

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit North Star again. Like a lot of people who visit NS I was on the way to somehwere else and NS is on the most direct route.
Anyway I stopped at the Ice Cream Parlor and it was interesting as usual. Alice the friendly owner was working. I ordered a chocolate yogurt cone but learned that although Alice has 44 flavors of yogurt on tap plain chocolate is not one of them. So I got a German chocolate instead and it was very good and made me quickly forget about the original regular chocolate.
Regarding the 44 yogurt flavors and the advertised 24 flavors of soft serve ice cream I made a mental note to check this out in more detail when I have some extra time. Alice gave me a very short version of how this all works but I am still somewhat fuzzy on the details and look forward to doing further research.

Check them out --if you want soft serve that is hard to find in other places thyen head for North Star.

I believe this is the North Star boyhood home of Chad Groff which is located directly across the road from the Ice Cream Parlor, and if I took a pic of the wrong house then this is very near the boyhood home of Chad Groff. Although many have heard of Chad in Darke County he is relatively unknown outside the area, but all who have met Chad will tell you that he will be famous someday for something. That is why I took this pic.

This a bunch of cute North Star kids I met on the main corner in NS. Yesterdy was the start of the largest garage sale in the world (no kidding) which stretches along State Route 127 from Alabama to Michigan. This sign is advertises part of it.
Kim, Brittany, Marcus, Brian, Andrew, and Kristin were checking out the traffic on the corner of Rt. 127 and North Star -Ft. Loramie rd, which is always intertesting this time of year and agreed to pose for this pic.

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