Saturday, August 15, 2009

Zanesville Ohio USA

This is the best pic I could figure out to show the "Y" bridge in downtown Zanesville. It spans the Muskingum and Licking Rivers alll at t5he same time and is the only one like it in the world.
There is a lot happening in this pic--besides the bridge itself you can see the neat waterfalls as well as those guys fishing off the far span . I stopped and talked to them a bit and learned how to catch a cat fish from 40-50 feet above the water. "First you bait the hook and then drop the line in the water", "the trick is to make sure you have enough line to get the hook in the water or you won't get hardly any bites because the fish can't jump much out of the water" This must have been a father/son comedy team who were taking some time off from their day jobs.

Also near the Y bridge was a lot full of these big plastic ceramic looking things. Zanesville is the "Pottery Capitol of the World" and these must have been or will be decorations in front of downtown businesses. Just like the dogs in Ponyiac Illinois or the Cows in Chicago.

It seems like Z-ville was once in line to be the Ohio state capitol. If that had happened I wonder if the Ohio State football team would be called the "Ceramics" like that high school in Crooksville Ohio Which was named after the Hull Pottery compamy, the big employer in Crooksville.
Of course this immediately took me back to wondering why the Reynoldsburg teams are not the Tomatoes.
Instead of Brutus Buckeye we would have Peter the Pot walking around games kissing babies and doing cartwheels.

The Zanesville courthouse has a State Capitol look about it. Oh, what could have been.
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