Friday, July 31, 2009

Peru Indiana to Decatur Indiana

This is a pic of a store front in Peru that displays a lot of circus stuff.
Note the reflection of photographer inmiddle of shot.

Also in Peru next to an impressive court house.

Mt. Etna is a proud little town and it appears that they had to work pretty hard to become the "est" of something and finally settled on small"est" and then there is the martin thing. Not sure about that --how can you tell if you a martin capitol, but if you put it on a sign and no one argues with you about it very much I then I guess it becomes fact.
It sounds like that town in Montana that calls itself the mosquito capiol of the world--maybe these 2 towns should get together because one of the staples of a martin's diet is mosquitoes

This courthouse in Buffalo Indiana and it impressive if you are into buildings that look like medival castles.

Made it almost thru Indiana yesterday. Only rode 60 miles because of late start in Peru --could not get away from circus stuff til after 2 p.m.
Got to the Back 40 restaurant just at closing but really got my money's worth. Maybe best meal of entire trip.

today will be a ride thru Mercer county to Darke County .It will be interesting to see how much Celina-Coldwater-St.Henry-Burkettsville and Rossburg and North Star have changed since I have been gone. I hope I am able to recognize them as I pass thru.
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  2. I have absolutley enjoyed reading about your trip. It sound like you've had an amazing time & also a safe one. Since your trip is nearing the end, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I get to work in the morning, since your blog is the first thing I'd check out!!
    Take Care.........P&W

  3. Thanks Danielle, Glad you like the blog.
    I am only taking a few days off at home before taking off for Washington DC to finish journey.
    Hopefuly there will be a lot of things to see and photograph.
    Stayed tuned.