Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Butte to Helena 2

Many of the underpasses are the home for flocks of swallows. There seem to be a zillion of them darting around catching mosquitoes and other bug varmits. God Bless Swallows.

There are a ton of barbed wire fences out here and several ways of building these fences. This is one of the more unique methods. I am guessing that it is tough to dig holes for regular fence posts. Although this method involves twice as maany posts it must be effective because you see a lot of this type of setup. There are 2 posts fastened together to hold each other up. The wire is attached to one of the posts , I am guessing the side where the cows are, in this case the right side. This pic shows where the cows are fenced in because the grass is eaten down to ground level on the right.

Stuff you see along the highway. There are some happy folks in Montana.

There are so many things named for Lewis and Clark wherever they happened to travel. In the distance is the city of Helena. The next county over is Jefferson County who was L/K 's boss.
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