Monday, June 8, 2009

Walla Walla

This is interesting because of the name "Frenchtown" which is where I grew up in Darke County Ohio. Not as much happened in my Frenchtown historically but it is still on the map where as the Washington Frenchtown has been reduced to a road marker.

The Walla Walla museum is a big deal around here. It reminds me of Fort Recovery in Ohio. It has exhibits ranging from Indian teepees to 19th century calvary items to WWII guns to all types of farm machinery. Anything that ever happened around here is covered.

There is a small cemetary near the Walla Walla that only has the graves of soldiers killed fighting Indians, maybe b100 or so. For some reason this felt different than other cemetaries. This is a pic of one gravestone that made me stop.

As mentioned before this is a small cemetary that has a tremendous sense of solitude and dignity about it. There are many very big trees throughout and everything is very shaded . You have to walk thru it to really get the feel of it.


Spent the day exploring Walla Walla on a bike. Rode about 20 miles in and around this city of 30,000 and could have ridden 20 more. Lots to see . This blog only lets me load 4 pictures per post so I will make several to show what is happening in Walla Walla.
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