Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pics taken on the scenic route from Wisdom to Butte

This is what is known in the area as a beaverslide. I am still unsure exactly how it works but it is the machine used to make large piles of loose hay. I do not believe beaver slides is used much any more as it appears that the big round baling machines have replaced them , but the name itself will stick around for a long time. They just do not name stuff like they used to.
Hay is a major crop around here for the feeding of cows and horses in the winter months or when the grass dries up.

There were a ton of shots like this one today. There are several snow covered peaks available to be used as background .

This is an example of how the abundance of water makes things scenic. A shot like this would most probably be missed when in a car. Actually I was passed this about 100 yards before it really registered how cool this looked, so I turned around.
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