Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Powell area Id. to Missoula Mt.

Leaving the Lochsa river--one last spectaular picture taken during climb up LoloPass Sunday morning.

Interesting explanation about the planned checkerboard land ownership that is the norm in this neck of the woods. This makes for very different scenes along the way in that each land owner does his own thing.

This was a tough time for Lewis and Clark group. The terrain was tough and food scarce.

After sweating up Lolo Pass this was a very welcome sign, mainly because it is on the downhill side of the Pass.


Biked 65 miles on Sunday and last 43 were wonderful. The first 22 were a different story as it was a steady climb up to Lolo Pass with the last 5 miles a lot steeper than the first 17. I graded myself a D on my climb. Lots of stops for breath catching between 1/4 and 1/2 mile peddles at 4 mph very slow going. All the stories I heard from bikers about this being an ass buster were true.
Of course , real bikers do it in one long slow pull and maybe one day I can think about that too but it is something I probably will never accomplish considering the payload I am hauling uphill--most of the weigh being my body.
As I coasted down the other side I firmed up my previous beliefs that child birth and climbing a long Lolo type hill do have several similarities. I am now convinced and will articulate those beliefs at a later time.

Made it to Missoula Sunday afternoon with the idea of staying part of Monday before heading South by noon. That plan got changed when during a routine bike check at a local shop a major frame problem was discovered and it is something the mechanics have ever seen before and had no regular fix for. Tomorrow I take it to a local ornamental ironworks welder to see if it can be salvaged. I think it can but if not I may be in the market for a different bike. It will be an interesting day, one way or the other.
I did take in a movie this evening at the Wila a neat old theater in downtown Missoula , and it was treat. If you get the opportunity I recommend seeing The Great Buck Howard starring John Milkovich--I applauded at the end.

Regarding more blog posts I should have some time tomorrow to post a couple more about Sunday's ride--it was memorable --as well as what happens in Missoula which is a great town with lots to do and see. With any luck I hope to be on the road again early Wed. Morning.
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