Saturday, June 20, 2009

Conner Mt.

Nicely accented property near Conner.

The crew at Lightfoot Cycle, L-R Sky, Wayne, Ben, Rod, Wayne. This is not the whole crew but these a good representation. These people know bikes from design to manufacture. Rod has been designing bikes for many years with a unique philosophy. Lighhtfoot has done a lot of good for a lot of folks since they have been in existence. Helping people who would have have problems riding standard bikes by designing/producing solutions to add self powered mobility to their lives. Lightfoot also has a program of providing regular bikes to people who can not afford them, and this is an international program.
One example of their creative is coming up with bike type vehicles for customers who do not have the use of their legs. Very creative solutions. One example is a hand/arm powered 4 wheel vehicle that a Parapalegic Olympian who is going to climb Mount Kilamanjaro in Africa. It is almost like a moon buggy. While I was there they shipped a trike with a small pickup truck like bed on the back that a wheelchair can be driven onto so that the bike rider can transport the person in the wheelchair by bike.
A good many big and tall people get bikes from Lightfood because they build the bike for the customer instead of having the customer adjust a lot to a stock bike.

The bike I bought is a Ranger which is basically a recumbent mountain bike. Strong and light and actually more manueverable that the Rans. The seat is a great feature. Compared to a regular wedgie bike any recumbent bike seat feels comfortable but after 50+ miles even they will become uncomfiortable. Like when you stop and take a break after a long pull you want to get off stretch and walk off the ride. The Lightfoot is build differently with the rider in mind and the seat is by the most comfortable I have ever seen. It is called the "hundred mile seat". Their seat is also the most adjustable in the market, besides the tilt angle and those type of adjustments the seat pad is really an air pad that can be inflated to suit during a ride.
This is a good company and I believe it is just a matter of time before they are discovered by a lot of folks.

Normally I would stop in and check a place like this out but it was late and I had miles to go, so one will have to use your imagination as to what happens at the this establishment and also how it got its name. I wonder what a moose has to do to be catagorized as "naughty".

Mixing in a bit of history of the area.
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