Friday, June 26, 2009

An extra day in Fort Benton

I was all set to just stay last evening and night in Fort Benton and be off at the crack of dawn for Havre about 85 miles away but once again fate intervened. Arthur Bennett the owner of the Fort Motel suggested that I would enjoy myself at the "doins downtown"and even let me set up my tent in his back yard. All the motel rooms are booked because this is THE big weekend in Fort Benton as it is the 33rd Summer Celebration, so I had to stick around for at least part of it, and so far (as of 5:30 today it has been well worth it. There is much to talk about in future posts.This is better than the forest campgrounds in that I have a hydrant with water and a good sized tree in case I nature calls. What more could a guy want.
I am taking a break from the "doins" right now and sitting near tent doing this blog. The mini computer and extra battery are working like they are supposed to. There promises to be a bunch more stuff happening later so I am sort of recharging my own batteries so I can maximize the fun.

Now this is a real tent . It is part of the scene at the "doins" and there are several more set up around the park. I was tempted to just move my stuff in and set up camp but was concerned that the owner might scalp or shoot me in my sleep so I went back to my tent. Fort Benton is a very historical town and there is a lot of action involving past events and characters. For one thing this is the last place that steam boats could come up the Missouri River in the days before the railroad came thru, so this was a happening spot.

This is Arthur (who is well into his 80's) and his son starting the motel lawn mower. The best way to describe this 11 room motel and surroundings is simple rustic and very laid back comfortable. Another way to give folks who knew my parents an idea would be to say that if they had run a motel on the farm it would be a lot like this. I really enjoy talking to Arthur, he is a former farmer and life long native of the area. A very good man.

This is Arthur and his daughter Wanda ,they run the motel. Also in pic are Paulie (being held) , Timmy and Buddy (not sure which ).
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