Friday, June 26, 2009

More Fort Benton

There is this beautiful walking bridge across the Missouri River in downtown FB. It has wooden planks that make a lot of noise when you ride over it with a bike.

This was an interesting sign, apparently Fort Benton has a history of sorts. There used to be a sign very similar to this in the city of Fort Recovery Ohio until it was stolen by a neighboring town so many times they quit replacing it.

Huge statue of of the big 3 near the river. From all I have read about thier trip they should have Sacajawea standing equal to L/K . That would be more realistic regarding her importance to the sucess of the expedition

Scene looking down river from that path that runs along it. Just sat on that bench and absorbed for awhile. It was evening and very quiet as the sun set. It does not get much better.
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  1. If I remember right, it gets a little warm in Montana where you are pulling that big load. Maybe you should throw on another gallon of water. I remember Fort Benton well; it was beautiful. I think the heat is beginning to get to your brain; your stories are getting better!


  2. Hey Larry--How's my hero?

    Yes it bwas a bit warm yesterday--got above 90 for most of when I was riding. Normally I carry 5 quarts of water and refill empties every chance I get --I am sweat factory and go thru a bunch.I am planning on riding to Havre tomorrow about 80 miles and will add more liquid to the load.
    What do you mean "stories getting better"? You sleeping outdoors with only a small loin cloth forcover is a stary that needs to be told--if I could do that I would be proud as hell.