Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wisdom Mt.

I found these signs interesting.

An outhouse with a padlock and an interesting sign.

This is an interesting place. Lots going on inside as well as outside. Besides the hot Indian babe there are all sorts of tools and implements hanging on. The iron work is all horseshoes -again. The 2 swans on each corner got my attention.
Also, there were 2 loud speakers playing country music to the outside world.

There is a gift shop in town with a bunch of authentic collector one of a kind type items. You can get a real life (actually now dead) mounted buffalo head for $12000. This display of a real Indian dress was interesting. If you can not read the sign at bottom it says "She who makes men cry" price $5000.00 which would make a lot of men cry for the cost alone, let alone anything else that happened after that.

I wish I knew Miss Sassy's dress size I might pick this up for her to wear next to the totem pole and horseshoe ram we will have in our front yard.
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  1. Tony,
    I remember Wisdom well with all it's mosquitos!! Larry and I had split up at Chief Joseph pass, he heading for Lemhi Pass which I glad you didn't take as it was all he could do to PUSH his bike up the mountain. There is an interesting bar/restaurant you should watch for not far from Wisdom. Dillon is a nice town. I fished behind the KOA one night and did well.
    keep up the good work! really enjoying the journal.


  2. Hey Gary,
    Yes I met several of those mosquitoes and they asked about you and when to expect you back again, apparently theu miss you.
    I just talked to a local who suggested a more scenic route tomorrow that is a bit off the bike route. I think I will try it.

    Thanks for reading--the more I write the more I realize the need to write regularly. So much happens, is seen, heard etc every day , after awhile it all runs to gether and the time line of the trip gets lost. Sometimes IO have to rethink thru a day to make sure I can orgamnize what happened and when.

    Unlike you and your pal larry I am not much of a drinker although I do like to check out the inside of some establishments on occasion.
    I am not good at imbiding by myself--when I talk to myself both of us get bored very quickly.