Sunday, June 28, 2009

Montana American Legion White Cross Program

Along some highways you see an inordinate number of these white crosses. Each represents a traffic fatality on that spot. On some stretches of highway it is hard to drive 2 miles w/o seeing a white cross. The American Legion has been doing this since 1950 on only certain roads and have put out over 2000. To me it is very effective

It is particularly disconcerting when you are riding by at 12 miles per hour. It gives you time to wonder about the individual stories attached to each cross.

There are many multiple crosses in several locations.

Although many of these crosses are decorated with various momentoes, this one really caught my eye. It has a lariot attached as well as a bunch of pheasant feathers on the back side. I can only wonder what the story is behind this, like all the crosses it has to represent a sad one. .
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