Monday, June 15, 2009

The warm springs

This is Skippy who was having aa great time sitting by the springs. Skip was wearing more clothes(the bandana) than some of the humans in the area.

This gentleman was enjoying a good book au naturale. There was a very strong sense of pure individual liberty around the springs. Clothing is strictly optional and there is no discussion of any type of restrictions, if you do not like it then don't visit. If New Hampshire did not already the Live Free or Die motto, Idaho could use Hang Free or Die.

Changing room at the springs.

After a few hours of soaking in the warm springs you develope a big appetite. I biked to the Lochsa Lodge and ate a very tasty elk burger and Idaho chowder (in fore ground of pic). Dining on the outside deck of the Lodge provides a spectacular view , the Lochsa River is below that wooden fence. Great setting.

Well Jerry Johnson warm springs was well worth the hike up to check nout the local fauna. I got there before noon and there were about a dozen folks and 1 dog already there spread out in 3 pools. All were mature adults (no college coeds) and it was very peaceful and relaxing. 3 or 4 were sans clothing. Although I had brought along a swim suit there was no place to change so initially I stripped down to my underwear and sat on the edge of the biggest pool. The water was a little hotter than bath water but I quickly got used to it, and gradually slid all the way in and just floated there for awhile. Before long I was thinking "when in Idaho do as the Idahoians" and got down to my birthday suit , hell I got nothing to be proud of, and it felt superb. I can now say that I lived like the natives at Jerry Johnson warm springs.

It was good for awhile but more people started to trickle in(so to speak) and the sun was getting burning hot so it was time to go. When I stood up to grab my shirt/shorts one of the newcomers said "you must belong to that bike parked by the bridge". My biker's tan gave me away. One thing that several folks warned me about was how after soaking in the warm water your balance is kinda messed up when you get out and there are no smooth tile floors to stand on ,it is very slippery smooth rocks all around. You have to sort of get orientated before you move too fast.

As I was walking back down the path I met at least 50 people walking toward the springs. It was going to get crowded up there. I kept thinking to myself "i bet Charlie and Dave and Stan would really enjoy this type of thing".
Afterwards I biked to Lochsa Lodge for a good meal ,some groceries for dinner and a call home from payphone because of no cell service..

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  1. Sounds wonderful!!! Sure would like to visit and hey! No need to pack!

  2. I certainly hope if that is a library book the gentleman is reading, that he has a proper bookmark.

  3. I am pretty sure that it was a library book and as for proper bookmark I have no idea but I believe you should get the heavy duty disenfectant ready just in case