Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pomeroy to Clarkston

This is one of the coolest historical makers I have seen yet. If you can read it ,it shows where the actual 2-3000 year old Indian trails can still be seen on the nearby hillsides. I was super impressed by this..The top right pic was of the hill right in front of me.

This is the actual hillside shown on marker above. You can kinda see the trail running at an angle from upper right to lower left. Very impressive, lot of history vibes around this spot. You just do not see stuff like this everyday.

This gives an overview of the L/K travels. What you begin to understand is what an undertaking this was but also how lucky they were along the way. If not for the help of local Indians in several areas this venture would not have gone nearly as well as it did. You also realize how the native Americans helping L/K basically set in motion their demise in the decades that followed. After the word got out about what L/K found white settlers moving in over the next 50-60 years literally destroyed the life the Indians had known for several thousand years beforehand.

Fairly easy day of biking--only 35 miles from Pomeroy to Clarkston Wa. which is across the Snake River from Lewiston Idaho. Many many things are named for L/K in this part of the country. I learned today that Lewiston is considered Idaho's inland seaport , connected to the ocean just like Toledo , St.Louis, and Pittsburgh where ships/barges can pickup and deliver goods from anywhere in the world using the Columbia River.
There was a 3 mile climb up to Alpowa Summit today which gave me more time to consider my theory that child birth and riding up a long steep hill on a bike have many similarities. Probably after a few more of these uphills I will have defined things enough to list the similarities.
Leaving early in morn for ride 75 mile ride to Kooskia Idaho--at least that is the plan as I write this.
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